The couch is an important daily-occupying comfort space, it gets stained and occupies dirt easily. The main reason is that couches also are a part of our fun, leisure, and relax time. We don’t realize that the pet’s hair, drinks, and pizza we enjoy during our leisure time filths the couch. The dirt accumulated and the not so good looking stains give a bad impression leading the couch losing its freshness, good appearance, and beauty. 

Thus, it becomes very obvious that the couch must be cleaned properly to bring it back to its original form.

Do you know that steam cleaning can give a new life to your couch? If you have never tried it, then you have missed the most eco- friendly and most efficient method of upkeeping your couch super clean and hygienic. 

It’s extremely beneficial to steam clean a couch, it leads to stupendous outcomes:

  1. Steam cleaning involves using high-temperature water vapour that goes deep down into the couch surface and removes all the stubborn solid stain particles, leaving a clear sofa to your view.
  2. Besides, germs, bacterias, and even the pests cannot bear the high heat, so as a result, they die at the spot when they counter with the hot steam pressed hard on them. Thus, it’s an effective sterilization process.
  3. Steam cleaning is one of the most eco-friendly methods of cleaning the couch. It avoids the use of chemicals that can harshen the fabric of the couch.
  4. It doesn’t tarnish the quality, rather sustains it, so it’s highly recommendable to use steam cleaning for the couch.
  5. It’s very easy to use, you just need a steam cleaner and that’s all, go through the manual carefully and give a new refreshed look to your couch.


Similarly, you can avail of the emergency carpet steam cleaning North Melbourne services, it’s carpet-friendly too.

Why Choose us? 

Friendly service: We are very humble, and benevolent in our services. We understand the problems and scenarios confronted by you and focus to provide the best amicable services as possible.

Genuine: Customers all over Melbourne recognize us as being the most genuine and reliable cleaning service providers. Our services are highly authentic and trustworthy. Customers’ satisfaction is our source of happiness.

Quick: We offer emergency carpet steam cleaning North Melbourne services. We are just one call away!  We reach within no time to your doorsteps, no matter which part or area you reside in. 

How do we do it? 

Pre-cleaning inspection: Before starting with our cleaning services, we consider it important to carry an inspection of the couches- leather type, amount of dirt occupied, fabric type, etc. Details regarding the time period for which the couch is not cleaned are also known and discussed with the customer.

Professional vacuum: Vacuuming is an activity that helps to remove all the thick dirt layer off the couch surface. It helps to remove all the dry soil and pollens deeply embedded into the couch. All the cushions and couches are vacuumed and emergency steam cleaning services are thoroughly by our experts.    

Stain treatment: The next step is followed by stain removal. Stains of tea, coffee, ink, etc are removed under this process. No matter how hard or stiff and what type of stains are, we provide a 100% stain removal guarantee to our customers.

Steam processing: Highly- sophisticated steam machines are used by our experts to steam clean all the remaining dirt and microbiological formations from the upholstery.


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