When heat energy is added to water in a boiler, it gives out an invisible gas called Steam. A huge amount of heat energy is required to increase the water temperature. Steam is the result of exposing the water to excessive heat energy. A specific level of heat energy is required to convert water into steam. 

The heat level that transforms the water into steam is called latent heat. When water is heated, all the heat gets added to the water and is absorbed by it as latent heat of vaporization, and the same is carried by the vapour molecules or steam. The quantity of the heat differs for every temperature combination.  

Excessive Btu is needed to make the boiling water in the boiler to change into steam. If you want to generate one pound of steam at atmospheric temperature, it will take 1Btu for every  1°C increase in temperature to the extent of boiling point. 

But is the British thermal unit— This is defined as the amount of heat energy that is needed to increase the temperature of one pound of water by  1°F.

Steam cleaning is the best way to give a new look to your house. It is very effective in removing the hardest of the hard grease off the things. Whether it’s your couch or cabinet or tiles, or bathroom wares, washbasins, or sinks, it is a multi-purpose cleaning technique that is eco-friendly and chemical-free. Steaming your home is good to keep away the bacterias, pests, and viruses. It not only removes but successfully kills the pests that hide in the deepest corners of the house, wherever they are hidden, steam heat will definitely pull them out!  Bed bugs are big trouble, mattress steam cleaning Carlton will help kill the bugs snugly.

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How do we do it? 

Vacuuming:  The first step to better cleaning involves vacuuming the complete premises so that the upper dust gets absorbed.

Decontamination: The decontamination process involves removing the excessive oil, blood, urines stains before steam cleaning the carpets or couch.

Anti- microbiological treatments:  If you are thinking of cleaning your mattress, what can be best then T47 steam cleaning Carlton, this process involves removing all sorts of stains like blood, pet urine, oil stains using the anti-microbiological treatments.

Steaming: Hot water treatments i.e steaming is undertaken to make sure there is no contamination left. Steaming processes are used to clean away all the dirt and to kill the bacterias and other micro-bacterial formations.


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