Mould formation is common to find at the places which are moist and dampen. It is a member of the fungus family. There are different and thousands of mould types. It’s threatening to know that their spores are present in the air in varying quantities, it’s indoors and outdoors, at all the times of the year. Carpet Cleaning Moonee Ponds package involves the best expert guidance related to your mould issues.


The theory says that they are also important for composting the decaying material, and fermentation of the food but certain kinds of moulds are not good for health, they pose a high risk!  Don’t miss to skip our Same day carpet cleaning Melbourne that can help avert all mould related problems instantly.

Spores of the mould can enter from anywhere inside the house, from the windows, through open doors, ventilation systems, or be brought on clothes, shoes, or any material substance. These spores need moist and damp places to grow and thus they are usually found in the bathroom. When the moulds grow, they release the spores and chemicals in the air. There are varied health risks associated with it, if these released chemicals are inhaled, it may cause many health problems like asthma attacks and allergies.

 Health Effects of Mould Are:

  • The spores that come in contact with the skin cause fungal infections in armpits or between fingers. These infections are very pernicious,  they are very itchy, it needs complete medical treatment, cool and dryness to heal.
  • It may cause eye, throat, and skin infections.
  • It has an allergen that may cause symptoms similar to Hay fever, asthma attacks, and dermatitis.
  • It releases a toxin that can cause flu-like symptoms and headaches.
  • It may even cause lung infections.
  • It causes  high health risks to the people who have a very weak immune system


The factor that poses a high risk to health- An exposure to toxins from toxin-producing species.

They can be easily found in the corners of the homes and nooks which are dark and most damp in the house. One benefit is, there is no harmful disease or disorder due to mould but some molds can cause dangerous skin infections and allergies.

Some of the reactions of allergy may include coughing, nasal congestions, skin itching, and irritation, therefore it’s very important for you to find those places of their growth and eliminate them completely.


Here, are a few places where moulds can be easily found:

Places where moulds are easy to find.

  1. Bathroom: A bathroom is a place that is the moistest and combined with humidity.  It is where you can easily find mold formations. It is one of the dampest places in the house. The presence of water and humidity gives a perfect environment for the mould to grow on the surfaces of tiles and in the corners. Or where you keep a lot of stuff is where it’s easy to find mould of any kind. 
  2. Kitchen:  The kitchen is where the humidity is present in abundance, associated with the use of water for making food and washing the dishes. Obviously, Kitchen is a place that provides the most suitable ambience for the mould to grow. Besides, open- free foods kept for more than 5 days start to occupy mould over it. Stove too adds too much of the humidity in the kitchen.
  3. Bedroom: Make sure there is less moisture in your room and it remains clean, dry, and exposed to proper air and sunlight. It must have proper ventilation. If the above-stated conditions don’t fulfil, then it is highly likely to find the moulds at the most unexpected places in your bedroom. It may be on the air heating or cooling systems or on the heating vents. Better you get the Carpet Cleaning Emerald done in your bedrooms.

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