The sole purpose of a coach is to make you feel comfortable and help you relax. It’s an essential and integral part of décor. A couch is an investment that you choose according to its suitability to your home and lifestyle. It can be a leather couch, rexine, or any other fabric, be trendy, stylish, and exclusive. Not only couches are an expensive and important material, but they are also the most used item in your house. It can be just sitting and chatting with your loved ones and spending quality time with them, watching a game on TV, or your kids playing around it, a couch probably where you spend most of your free time. Which makes them the most exposed possession to the dirt, stains, and germs, in the house. A big piece of furniture that needs to be protected, maintained, and kept in good condition. This is where the requirement of professional cleaners comes in and you need quality couch cleaning in Clayton.

Since every other little piece of furnishing is set according to the couch in the room, couches are likely to get dirty in a short period. They collect dust very easily and get dull over time, especially the fabric ones. They are also more exposed and likely to get stains from food or drink spills. But the question of ‘doing it yourself’ or ‘hiring a professional’ still arises. While cleaning the couch yourself sounds easy and cheap, it can ruin the couch and cost you a fortune. Would you want to spend a huge amount over and over? The fabrics or leather of the couch are delicate and if not cleaned properly, with the right approach, method, and cleaning solutions, the couch’s material can get discoloured or completely ruined. You need professional cleaning service, such as T47 Services, to thoroughly clean your couch and make it look brand new with the quality couch cleaning Clayton.


Professional Couch Cleaning is Important!

Do you think vacuuming your couch regularly helps and keeps the couch clean? Well, that might not be true. While vacuuming your couch removes the dust particles from the surface of the couch, it does not remove the dirt that gets collected deep down the fabrics of the couch. Even if you use the right cleaning solution and scrub the couch, you may not be able to reach the areas where most of the dirt gets accumulated and which need the most attention. You need professional couch cleaning for various reasons.

  • Health and Hygiene: Dust, dirt and allergens that get trapped give rise to unwanted bacteria and germs which affect your health, worsens your allergies and harm your respiratory system. Professional couch cleaners thoroughly clean the couch and extract all dirt particles, making the couch and your environment more hygienic.
  • Bad Odours: So many people sit on a couch multiple times a day, on a daily basis. Their body oils or sweat which gets trapped inside the couch creates a bad odour which can make the surroundings unbreathable. But once the couch gets properly cleaned, all the smells get removed, which makes the couch look and smell fresher.
  • Increased Lifespan of the couch: Wear and tears are normal and most couches are bound to get them. Once you hire a professional for couch cleaning, they make sure to use the right tool and chemicals to clean and help in returning the colour and texture of the couch. This boosts the life of the couch and makes them last longer.

Professional Couch Cleaning Methods

  • Steam Heat Extraction – High-temperature steam heat extraction technique is used to remove all the dirt and dust particles from the couch and also remove the excess moisture to reduce the wet after effect. The risk of fabric shrinkage is highly reduced with this method.
  • Foam Cleaning – A foam solution is applied and left on the couch stain for a little while. After that, the couch is vacuumed thoroughly to extract all the dirt particles.
  • Dry Cleaning – A chemical power is used and worked onto the stubborn stains of the couch and vacuuming is done afterwards to remove the stains.


Why you should consider T47 Services?

Being on top of the race in providing the quality couch cleaning in Clayton, we offer top-notch and reliable cleaning service and ensure the highest satisfaction to our customer. T47 has a team of professionally trained and motivated cleaning experts who aim to provide only the best possible results. Our clients being our first priority, we make sure to keep their needs and requirements in mind and work according to their preferences.

  • T47 Cleaning Services use the latest technology and advance cleaning methods for a thorough cleaning, giving the couch a fresh and “like-new” look.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions for cleaning ensuring no harm to the texture and material of the couch. The couch is inspected first and different procedures and cleaning techniques are used depending upon the material of the couch.
  • Our services can be availed at your preferred time. We are available 24*7 throughout the year.
  • We ensure the highest quality cleaning services at affordable prices.
  • Guaranteed stain removal.


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