Carpet cleaning can always be a chaos to do, it can take your whole day to do the task and may spoil your weekend and take your entire relaxing hours away. Weekends are to get rid of all the tiredness you go through the whole week and not for spending those for house cleaning, and carpet cleaning, it is such a mess to do that. Instead, go for an easy and affordable option by availing a professional carpet cleaning services. You can’t even postpone the task to next weekend, as these days there’s so much of pollution and dirt that if you skip a week, it can turn into habitation of germs and bacteria. Moreover, if you have pets and young kids at home, the process can be done early too. 

Living in a home with a dirty carpet can be hazardous to your and your family, especially the young kids. They play, they crawl, they eat and even sometimes sleep on the carpets and due to this reason that if you look for saving a few bucks on cleaning carpet a dirty carpet can make you spend a lot on your kids’ visits to doctors. In Australia, T47 Services has made its mark for its professional carpet cleaning services, covering entire Sydney and Melbourne. 


As a bonus to the dirt on your carpets, your pets also play a vital role in that. The insects in your pets’ fur can get transferred on the carpets when they play or sit on them. The dirt stuck in their paws, the saliva from their mouth, all gets carried by your carpets. All this contributes to the laom on your carpets, which adds to the reason why you need them to get cleaned once a week. This is why, T47 Services provide affordable and Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne so that it won’t be heavy on your budget. 

Our trained and certified cleaners do their job at their best. We’ve trained our professionals to do their job as they are cleaning their own homes and complete their tasks with complete satisfaction. Our team of professional carpet cleaning service providers in Melbourne in Sydney have got it all. They do their job in all circumstances. Customer satisfaction is their priority and the team reach within minutes of contacting them. T47 Services’ professional cleaning team is on the go 24*7. We reach your doors within a few moments of contacting us for emergency services, fully loaded with our equipments and tools and we never back out.

We know that every stain needs different treatments, stains such as grease, oil, mud, wine, coffee, turmeric, colours etc. every stain is different. Which is why we need different treatments to get rid of different stains. At the same time we need to take care of the fabric of your carpets. Cleaning your carpets doesn’t mean to tear out the fabric in order to get it rid of stains on it. Our team of professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney, especially take care of this, that you need not to regret after availing our services. 

We use the most advanced technologies and tools to make your carpets look like new again. Our equipments, tools and techniques to clean your carpets are completely non-toxic and environmentally safe. We use different cleaning techniques for different requirements like:

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Carpet Encapsulation
  • Bonnet Cleaning

T47 Services believe in delivering the best services at low cost so that they don’t shake your budget and cost you too much. We are standing still in the field for so many years because we always believed in our motto above. We always believed in the quality of work rather than completing as many tasks as possible in a short time. While delivering our professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney, first we always test the fabric of your carpets in laboratories to check which carpet cleaning treatment is the best for your carpet, so that it gets rid of all the stains and still maintains its beauty and newness.

We use cleaning agents which are strong on the stains on your carpets but gentle on the fabric of your carpets, to restore the charm of your carpets. Moreover, our professional carpet cleaning services are completely affordable and reasonable. We understand your needs and requirements and try to fulfill them under your reach. The process we follow while cleaning your carpets is:

  • Fabric Testing: Before anything is done, the process of fabric testing is carried out into the laboratories. This is done to check out which cleaning agent or process will be best suited for your expensive carpets. As in the ned we want to clean them to restore their beauty and not ruin them. 
  • Cleaning Agent is selected: To carry out the professional carpet cleaning process, the best cleaning agent is selected. The cleaning agent that will be harsh on the stains and gentle on your carpet is selected. 
  • Cleaning Process: While our cleaning professionals carry out the carpet cleaning process they make sure that you have to do the least work, and that is just handling them your dirty carpets and sit back and relax and enjoy your weekend. Don’t worry, we do everything from carpet washing to drying it with the help of super dryers.

After everything is done, your carpet is handed over to you, safe and clean, which is 99.9% germ free and odour free. Now, you would wander, you could have done it yourself then why spend dollars and call for professionals. So, here’s the answer:

  • Cleaning Agents: The cleaning agents used for domestic purposes are not that good quality that can remove all types of stains from your carpets. Moreover, some cleaning agents are not suitable for the fabric of your carpets. So, they can get ruined by them. We as professional carpet cleaners, always test your fabrics first.
  • Knowledge of Cleaning Techniques: To perform different types of cleaning professional carpet cleaners like the ones at T47 Services, use specialized cleaning techniques amongst all the different cleaning techniques and choose the one which will give you results. When you do the process at home the lack of knowledge about cleaning techniques will leave you in trouble and increase your task. Moreover, you need to buy specialized equipment to do the thing.
  • You have to do everything by yourself: If you choose to do all the cleaning task by yourself, you won’t find time to enjoy your weekends and can’t find time for your family and loved ones. If you choose a professional carpet cleaning services like T47 Services when in Melbourne and Sydney, you don’t need to worry about anything and can enjoy your weekends with your family and friends. Giving us a chance to serve you will let you have more time for yourself and your loved ones, you can think more for yourself, your future, your plans etc.

There's a bunch of professional carpet cleaning services in Australia, then why choose T47 Services? Here’s the reason why:

  • Cost-effective Services: T47 Services provide most affordable and quality services for you. We always take care of your budget, as we don’t want to cost you almost equivalent to buying a whole new carpet. Our professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne and Sydney are available to you at most reasonable prices, without compromising our quality of work. 
  • Trained and licensed cleaning professionals: T47 Services has a team of trained professionals, who are experts in cleaning job. They are certified and licensed to do the job. Our team is highly experienced in handling any type of work. They are experts and are capable of removing even oldest of stains from your carpets. At T47 Services, we’ve trained them to do the job by keeping the customer requirements and needs in mind and prioritising them. 
  • Among the most experienced firms: T47 Services has spent more than 38 years delivering the amazing professional cleaning services to Melbourne and nearby suburbs. We have expertised in all sorts of cleaning services.
  • Latest and best tools and equipments used: Our professional carpet cleaners use the best and latest technologies to clean your beautiful and expensive carpets. We always use what is the best in the market and keep updating our cleaning processes through that.


Our professional carpet cleaners at Melbourne and Sydney have always believed in delivering quality services rather than just delivering our services. We are also available 24*7 for you. Even in the situations like flooding, we are always there for you. We reach at your doorstep in no time. As and when you call us for our services we reach you as soon as possible within minutes fully equipped with our tools and machines.

We also provide amazing and exclusive offers for our regular clients, which makes our services more pocket-friendly. At the same time, we don’t compromise with the quality and provide A-one services. You can reach us anytime to avail our professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney and nearby suburbs.


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