Steam cleaning is a versatile cleaning method that can be used for cleaning different wares of your house, but in spite of being versatile in nature, it still has a few restrictions of use for certain articles, thus making sure you don’t use steam cleaner blindly for all the things you have in your house. T47 Pakenham steam cleaning - get the stains removed instantly with this incredible steam service!

The steam cleaner should not be used for the things that can’t bear the excessive heat temperature (approx.225 degrees Fahrenheit or more). Here is a list of the few things that shouldn’t be steam cleaned at any cause:

  1. Electric wares: Anything in your house that runs on electricity should not be cleaned using a steam cleaner as these substances damage instantly if they are exposed to water and high heat temperatures. These wares include your television, mobile phone, computer, etc.
  2. Things made of Bamboo: There can be varied articles in your house that are made of bamboo. It could be your roofing, flooring, mats, fabrics, blinds, kitchen cutting boards, and even bed sheets. So make sure you don’t use the steam cleaning method on something made up of bamboo.
  3. Fragile things: certain items that can easily break or damage, shouldn’t go through any steam cleaning, because the hot temperature can easily damage or rotten delicate articles. Such articles may include plastic items like bottles, plastic wires, other household things made of plastic, etc.
  4. Walls: Never steam clean your walls! Being absorptive in nature, it will easily grasp in all the steam water into it, this will loosen the wallpaper grip, and eventually, the wallpaper will fall off.
  5. Jewellery:  Don’t steam clean the jewellery items, they can lose their shine and polish.
  6. Hardwood floors: Wood can swell by water steam, try to avoid steam cleaning it. 

Pakenham Steam cleaning is a scientific method of cleaning that uses high-temperature heat moisture to clean sofa surfaces and other articles, it’s one of the most convenient methods of cleaning that brings the greatest outcomes within less time. It gives a new look and appearance to the articles and let your house breathe the quality air. 


Why choose us?

Affordable services: Affordability is our first service. We will never want our customers to hesitate to call us, thinking about our services to be highly-priced! No! We are the most economical and reliable choice in the market. Be free to call us anytime for professional sofa steam cleaning service.

Technical staff: Our team of professional experts is highly experienced. We have been serving in the industry for more than 30 years.

Understanding: The team is a mirror of compassion, empathy, and kindness. We care about our customers and handle their grievances humbly. We actively listen to their problems and work upon them dedicatedly.

How do we do it?

Identification:  Our experts first identify the places and the articles that are much prone to grease and dirt. This helps them to know the things that they have to work upon, also it saves their time and helps build a good cleaning strategy.

Vacuuming:  All the articles and the flooring that needs steam cleaning are vacuumed first so that the extra dirt and dust are removed.

Spraying:  Before any article is steam cleaned, it is sprayed thoroughly with good nourishment products so that the quality and the shine remains the same.

Steam Cleaning: The last step, include steam cleaning the different articles pre-decided.

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