Everyone likes to have decorative items and fancy furniture in their house or workplace. Having carpets on the floor or having leather couches has become very common. This not only gives a nice look to your house or workplace but also tends to be useful in many ways. If we talk about carpets then they are useful in many ways such as for decorating the floor of the house or offices, for creating a warm surface to walk on when the concrete or tile becomes cold during winters and for many other purposes.

Just like that, it is very popular to go for leather couches instead of the couch made of fabric as leather couches have a longer life. a genuine leather couch may last up to 25 years. But all these household items require maintenance and cleaning from time to time in order to maintain their durability, quality and performance for a long time. Many people don’t give much attention to the cleaning and basic maintenance of items like leather couches, carpet and other furniture due to which they don’t last long.

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The dust and allergens that are caught in the carpets tend to cause harmful effects on the environment of the house which eventually affects your health. Carpets are made up of thick woven material which is mostly rectangular in shape. The thick material catches dust and other harmful allergens if it is not cleaned from time to time. An uncleaned carpet not only effects your health but is harmful to every member of the house or every colleague from your workplace. Similarly, if you have leather sofas or couches you are required to get it cleaned from time to time.

 Now, you must be looking for a service provider who is perfect for all these tasks, then T47 Cleaning Services is here to help. We are the top-grade cleaning service providers in Melbourne. Our trained staff works 24*7 to provide quality services at your doorstep. Cleaning services are very important to maintain a clean and fresh home which is free from germs and allergens and adds beauty to your house. 

T47 Services are also known by Melbourne carpet cleaning services and we also provide dry cleaning services in Whole Melbourne. Dry cleaning is something that needs to be done professionally so that the fabric does not losses its colour or quality, and we have never failed to provide the best services to all our customers. Pakenham dry cleaning services are amongst the most popular services provided by us. We provide the best customer support and work hard so that the customer gets our professional help as soon as they contact us.

For this, T47 Services provide you with professional help at amazingly affordable prices. You can completely rely on us for all the cleaning services of your household as well as business spaces. We do not take two or more days to complete the task. Rather we try to get our jobs done in less than a few hours so that you don’t have to spend hours engaged in only one task.

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Our team is mainly focused on the satisfaction of our customers and are very passionate about their work. They are qualified and have been professionally trained to do the tasks efficiently and effectively. One thing that is very special about our way of working is that we always first check the material in order to find out the best method or technique that can be used for cleaning so that it does not ruin the material that we are given to clean.


Melbourne carpet cleaning services have become so popular among the residents that we have received positive feedback which motivates us to keep working hard to always give out the best results to all our customers. We also keep upgrading our techniques and use the latest technologies to provide first-class services at your door without taking much time so that you can easily make plans without having to worry about getting the cleaning done. T47 Cleaning Services are known to provide unmatched services in Melbourne and other adjacent areas and have never failed to give our best. Give us a chance to serve and you’ll definitely feel satisfied with our work.

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