Do you know that you can always keep your mattress clean and that too on your own? And are you aware of the benefits that regular cleaning yields

If not, then let us inform you that it is highly essential to keep your mattress clean on a daily basis. Keeping it tidy and fresh will always keep the diseases away at a thousand-miles distance.

Know the reasons for keeping your mattress clean regularly 

If you haven’t cleaned your mattress so far and it lies on its place without any cleaning for months, get alarmed because until now varied bugs and dust mites must have made their place inside your mattress! And this is the time when you urgently require professional help to avoid any sort of discomfort and probabilities of any disease spread. Derrimut Dry Cleaning is one of the best techniques used by our experts to get your mattress germs free.


Bed bugs -a big threat!

When you don’t have your mattresses cleaned for months, bed bugs are most likely to form their home and infestations inside your mattress. It makes your sleeping place very unhygienic. These microbiological formations are very harmful to health. Their excretions and blood are quickly prone to cause you many health diseases like skin infections, coughing, breathing problems, allergies, moles on your body, itchiness, and much more. It’s better that you pay attention to this important aspect and sustain hygiene at your home.

They are so small in size that they can’t be seen with the bare eyes. Another big problem is the mites which are also not visible due to their tiny size. They are very harmful to health and aggravate breathing problems and cause allergies. They can be the cause of various skin infections too. Thus, keeping them at bay becomes immensely important.

Unbearable Foul Smell

Our body excretes a liquid which we call sweat. Mattress absorbs the sweat from our body. And if it receives continuous sweating, after a time period, it may start to smell very bad and develop a foul odor. This foul odor has a specific nature and can adversely affect your sleep and may cause severe health problems.

Stains are not good!

The liquids spillages get easily absorbed deep inside the mattress. juice, blood, oils, sweat - all such liquid spillages get absorbed into the mattress, they leave stains and that’s something difficult to detach from the surface of the mattress. These can also cause germs and bacterias as they are exposed to the open environment and moisture. Beware to clean the stains instantly using the right products and cleaning techniques, either you can steam clean them or you may use stains removal liquids as well to remove the stains instantly.

Pet Urine

Moreover, a pet's urine like the urine of dogs, cats makes it urgent to have an expert’s help. If such substances are not cleaned properly, it can cause various diseases to the individual. Urined absorbed into the mattress is infectious and pernicious for one’s health.



When you need a cleaning service that not only performs the best cleaning but also takes care of the environment around you, then you are in the right place.

We at T47 Cleaning Services use the products that are completely eco-friendly and desirable to be used in any residential area. All the equipment and tools used don’t release any sort of chemical or moisture that is harmful to the health of an individual. We proffer varied facilities that range from tiles cleaning, Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne, to mattress cleaning, and more.

Moreover, we perform all the most unique cleaning techniques that bring out the most effective results. We make use of steaming, drying, remediation, dehumidification, brushing, hot water treatments, and much more. Highly sophisticated and advanced technology is used by our experts for - Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne ensuring a completely safe and eco-friendly environment. The professional team is highly knowledgeable and capable of performing different functions with holding an experience of 30 years in the industry.



We work with high resilience to provide the best services to our customers at extremely affordable prices. We are available at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. Leverage the benefits of our cleaning services at a convenient time!


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