Pets! as the name suggested, one could easily relate to the feelings of love, compassion, exhilaration, and happiness. But we hope each of you must have also seen the times when our pets perform the most naughty and terrible things which they are fond of doing. Tearing up everything in the house, from a small toy to something as big as your upholstery or carpets! And you know this is so adorable but not every time. Such items are expensive, and can’t be replaced frequently, one needs to pay a heavy price to purchase them, and replacing them is not a good option. 

In such cases what you may require is a repair and cleaning service. We T47 Cleaning Services are always standing by your side to support you. We provide Carpet Cleaning Thornbury and varied other cleaning services for both residential and commercial premises. 

Oh! Don’t be fooled that repairing is as expensive as a replacement. No! It’s not. Rather, it’s a wise decision to be made. Getting your upholstery cleaned and repaired is rather a cheap option than to purchase a new one again.

We have a professional team that knows the best way of cleaning. And are highly equipped with the latest technology and instruments to perform the cleaning tasks efficiently. They work consistently 24*7 and provide the best results of their services. 

There are specialists for different types of Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Wollert services like:

  1. L-shaped Sofa Steam Cleaning.
  2. Chesterfield Lounge Cleaning.
  3. U-Shaped Sofa Cleaning.
  4. Cotton Faux feather, Polyester, and Microfiber Cleaning.

Our professionals remove all the stains and patches of blood, juices, pets urine, etc. Besides, after the cleaning methods have been applied and all the tasks are completed, the experts prefer to coat the sources of spots and stains of your couch.

Commercial Cleaning 

Another important thing in your commercial place or your office area is your carpet. A carpet is the most essential requirement in any formal area. They add standard, beauty, and elegance to where these are laid down. And they too cost a business a good amount. But these are crushed under the feet of the people working in the office every day. They get dirty and absorb the stains caused due to tea, or coffee spillage which is a common break-time delight of the employees. Regular activities turn their shine low, and over time they tend to look very untidy. The dirt gets stuck hard and can’t be removed with just regular vacuuming.

Thus, holding a professional hand can help you overcome these challenges and situations. Our work doesn’t start and end at vacuuming but we do perform many other functions and tasks that help to root out the dirt from the deep. We provide  Blairgowrie Carpet Cleaning at very affordable prices. We service not only the residential areas but do provide special services at the corporate places that have much cleaning attention requirements.

The Best and Most Affordable Furniture Cleaning Melbourne!

We provide excellent services for carpets and upholstery protection at, residential spaces, industrial spaces,  commercial spaces, shopping centres, and more.  Our service covers all types of leather upholstery, carpets, and couch. Let us see some types of sofa and couch:

  • Chaise Lounge. 
  • Divan Couch. 
  • Camel Back Couch. 
  • Cabriolet Couch.

You can avail of our services on the weekends as well. We work 24*7 and 365 days of the year. The professionals are highly skilled and certified providing their services for more than 30 years. All the services covered by us are highly affordable and adjustable.  We are highly eco-friendly, our team is wary of the environment and the surroundings, we make use of eco-friendly products, equipment, and tools that are in no way harmful to the health of an individual, no harsh chemicals are used. 

We also proffer the same day service facility and free quotes on the call. We deliver one of the finest and effective carpets, furniture cleaning Melbourne and duct cleaning services in Australia including- Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Epping, Perth. We provide the most considerable prices for the different packages offered by us.


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