We take out time for the maintenance of our air conditioners but when was the last time you thought of getting your ducts checked and cleaned? We often neglect the fact that the mechanical parts of the system need to be cleaned too. Most people believe the ducts to be clean enough to not get them properly cleaned by professionals. But the truth is, ducts need as much attention as the air conditions and need to be maintained as such.

These ducts circulate air throughout the house and with time, dust, dirt and debris get impeded. Since these air ducts are hidden behind walls or attics or even under floors and we never fully know if they are working the way they are ought to. Which is why it is essential to get them checked and cleaned from time to time and calling T47 services is the first step towards cleanliness, fresh air and quality Duct Cleaning Noble Park.


Why getting your ducts professionally cleaned is important?

When people think about cleaning, you get your carpets, sofas and other items around the house cleaned but they often forget about ducts. Ducts collect not just dust but also attract debris, mould and even rodents. These nasty things contaminated the air circulating around the house. Which is not healthy. These contaminants can also clog-up the vents. To make the surroundings bearable, functional and more efficient, ducts need professional cleaning.

Professional cleaning experts have the right tools and solutions to properly clean your ducts. They have the experience, techniques and ability to reach the areas which may be impossible to touch for you. Ideally, ducts need to be cleaned every two years. If your systems have never been cleaned then it is time to book a cleaning appointment.

  • Improve indoor air quality – We spend a lot of time in our houses and breathe the circulating air. But if the recirculated air is bad and there are toxic substances circulating through the ducts, it can cause respiratory problems and affect your health. Professional duct cleaning will help prevent improve the overall air quality of your surroundings.

  • Eliminate unpleasant smell or Odours – With all the accumulated dust and dirt, bad odour particles are circulated which deteriorate the air quality and makes the rooms unbreathable. With professional duct cleaning, bad odour trapping particles are removed from the ducts which result in fresher air smell.

  • Saves money – Clean air conditioning ducts increase the efficiency of the systems which make the electricity bill go down because there is no blockage. Clean ducts will make the systems run smoothly.

  • Adds lifespan to HVAC systems – Duct cleaning eliminates the dirt from ventilations and removes the clogs from coils and blower wheels. This not only saves you the cost of repairing but also improves the lifespan of your ducts and HVAC systems.


When do the ducts need cleaning?

The duct cleaning process is not as hectic or time-consuming as repairing or replacing your HVAC systems. After the season ends and you are less likely to use your system, time can be taken out to call the cleaning service and get the ducts cleaned. The best time to get the cleaning done in spring or early fall, when the weather is neither too cold nor too warm and HVAC systems are not that much in use.

Another good indication to hire a quality duct Cleaning Noble Park is when you experience musty smell. This means the dust and debris in your ducts are being blown out through the vents and affecting the air negatively. Even if you do not use the HVAC systems on a daily basis, if you experience dusty air coming out, it is time to call the professionals to fix the problem.


Here’s why you should consider hiring us for duct cleaning

T47 experts make sure to inspect the ducts before starting the cleaning process. After inspection, the right techniques are performed to thoroughly clean the ducts, making sure the air inside is clean and healthy. We have built our name in the market by providing the best cleaning services which are why we guarantee you the quality duct Cleaning Noble Park. A team which is always dedicated to provide the best results, and loves doing what they do, we assure you to leave you fully satisfied.

  • We work without wasting any time and finish the cleaning job within a few hours so you do not have to wait all day long.
  • Our customers are valuable to us and we make it a priority to keep their needs first and aim at fulfilling all their requirements as per their convenience.
  • T47 Services provide the best cleaning deals. We have the most affordable cleaning services and deals that will not burn a hole in your pockets.
  • Latest technology and advanced equipment are used for the cleaning process to make sure there is no harm caused to the quality of systems.
  • T47 Cleaning Services serves both residential and commercial sectors.


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