Worried about the stains and dirt on your beautiful couch? Is your couch losing its colour? Is the odour of your couch affecting your surroundings? Don’t worry, we’re here to solve all your couch problems and provide you Quality Couch Cleaning Ferntree Gully. Our elaborate couch cleaning method takes care of all kinds of couches, of all shapes, sizes, and material.

A couch is a prized possession in any place. It adds beauty, class, and most of all a comfortable seating space to the room. It’s placed in the most common area of the house so that you and your family can sit, talk, and create memories. But with all that, a coach also needs to be maintained properly with utmost care. The more people use the couch, the dirtier it gets with time. It easily catches dirt and dust which gets settled deep inside the material and makes it lose its appeal. And when a coach looks dirty, the whole room loses its appeal and aesthetic factor as well. It’s either the dust or dirt particles or you may spill food or drinks on it, the stains are bound to happen one way or another. Therefore, you need regular couch cleaning to keep it clean and fresh looking.


Top 3 reasons why you should hire professional couch cleaners

A good coach gives you unsurpassed comfort and relaxation. However, it requires professional cleaning to maintain its comfort, quality, and beauty. You may clean it regularly with a vacuum or maybe even a wet cloth but that is never enough to keep the germs away which gets collected inside the couch due to cumulative dirt and dust particles getting accumulated inside the fabric of the couch. You need to hire professional couch cleaning in Ferntree Gully.

  1. To maintain Hygiene – Unclean couches not only affect your surroundings but can also majorly harm your health and worsen your allergies. The dust and dirt that gets settled deep within the couch collectively give rise to germs and bacteria. You need to regularly get your couch cleaned professionally to maintain the hygiene.

  2. To remove bad odour and improve overall appearance – The stains and dirt that gets collected on and inside the couch make the couch, as well as the room, look dirty. It also gives rise to odour which makes the environment almost unbreathable. Professional cleaners will remove all the dirt particles, hence remove the bad smell, which will make them look fresh and more appealing.

  3. To increase the lifespan of the couch – Over the period, couches get normal wear and tear or get discoloured. Once you hire a quality couch cleaning Ferntree Gully provider, all the couch problems will be fixed, which will make the couch last much longer.

Tips to Maintain Your Couch

Usually, you should et your couch cleaned within every 3-6 months by a professional. But after the cleaning, you have to maintain its cleanliness to make the couch look fresh for a longer period.


  1. Regular dusting and vacuuming – You can dust your couch on a regular basis to not let the dirt settle on the couch and then vacuum it to remove the dirt particles that get left behind from dusting.

  2. No direct exposure to sunlight – If you have a leather couch then you should avoid placing in direct sunlight because sunlight will lead to couch cracks and discolouration.

  3. Clean stains immediately – If you spill something on the couch, don’t let the stain stay for longer and settle in on the couch. Immediately clean it with a soft wet cloth. But if the stain or spillage is greasy or oily, call a professional cleaner.


Why choose T47 Services for Couch Cleaning in Ferntree Gully?

When it comes to impeccable cleaning results, T47 Cleaning Services is the one you can trust and rely upon to solve all your cleaning problems. Being in the cleaning industry for over 38 years and thousands of positive responses with proven results, we can claim to be the best in the industry and guarantee the utmost satisfaction. We do not just aim to provide spotless results but also believe in building connections through trust and reliable cleaning service.

All our cleaning experts are fully licensed, professionally trained, and have years of experience. Our team used eco-friendly, harmless cleaning solutions, ensuring no harm to the couch material.


Our Cleaning Process

  • Cleaning through Vacuuming Tiny particles such as dirt, dry dust, food particles, etc, get stuck in unreachable areas. These are removed by vacuuming the couch thoroughly. Because if not removed, these get settled in and are hard to remove later.

  • Cleaning through Shampooing / Foam Cleansing Foam is used to trap the dirt particles and then remove them from the pores of the couch. Non-toxic cleaning solutions are used which eco-friendly.

  • Steam Cleaning – The high-temperature steam extraction method is used to first loosen up the stubborn dirt particle and then extracting them with high-pressure steam.
  • Drying couch after cleaning – High-velocity air movers are used to drying the couch faster. In warm weather, it is advisable to leave the fans on to speed the drying process.

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