Steam cleaners can actually kill mold because steam actually penetrates the pores of the surface you're cleaning, it cleans deep to kill and take away mold, rather than just bleaching it invisible.


If you reside in Werribee, you may not find the best cleaning packages from anyone other than us. We provide the Steam Carpet cleaning Werribee package that is equipped with all the cleaning facilities and services. 

Similarly, we also cover the services of couch cleaning, leather & rugs cleaning, curtains/blinds cleaning, end of lease cleaning, and much more.

We provide distinct services to different suburbs and cities. Our branches are scattered to Mulgrave, Sydney, Perth, Glen Iris, and other areas. The services provided in these areas include Couch Cleaning Mulgrave, Carpet Cleaning Glen Iris, etc.

Things that you should know!

You think that your ducts are working very fine every day but do the internal condition and the evaporation tool of your heating or cooling system are as much fine internally as it seems outside?

You may think that your evaporative cooling system is working fine, but when the professionals do take in to see the internal picture, the scenario seems upside down! 

Due to the continuous use of the ducts and with no professional cleaning for months,  the dirt accumulates inside the duct systems very expeditely. And one never knows how much of the filthy air does get inhaled!  When the ducts are not cleaned for a long time, they accumulate algae, rust, and dirt, and when it filters the air,  the air keeps blowing through the dirty system into every corner of the house which ultimately goes into our lungs, affecting our health to severe extents.

It is very lethal for one’s health, therefore make sure you get a regular check-up done of your ducts systems. Whether it’s your ceiling duct, floor duct, or heating or cooling systems.

Carpet Cleaning Werribee | It’s time to uncover and get the stains removed!

Do you know that the rugs and carpets in the premises add more comfort?  We know you certainly know this. But do you also know that these can add on more health dangers to you? How? 

Let us take you to deep insights! When rugs are not cleaned for a long time, they tend to turn into a hub of bacterias, parasites, and dust.

All types of microbiological formations tend to form inside them. And still using them is like putting oneself into a crocodile’s jaw.


And above all, if you have babies in your home, maintaining proper cleaning standards is a necessity. Make sure you keep the health of you and your family members in safe hands and always protected.


We at T47 Cleaning Services provide the most effective and most efficient services to our customers, taking care of the health standards of your family and assuring you with proof that the products and equipment we use are completely eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. The sprays and equipment used are highly safe not only for the health of your family but most importantly for the health of your babies.


Our working way is highly distinguished! 

We provide a set of versatile services to our customers, which covers not only carpets or rugs of your house or business property but also covers different cleaning services like the ducts cleaning, couch, kitchen exhaust cleaning, and much more.


We make use of the hot water treatments, steaming, drying and brushing, from head to toe, we cover it all!  And all the methods used by us are in no way harmful to the health of the individual neither to the quality and fabric of the carpets.


We bring the same shine and freshness back to your rugs and carpets. And also for the ducts, we have different and latest cleaning instruments and machines, the use of which helps us to bring the best results of our services to the customers.

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Affordability is our prime choice. Our services are the most economical. We offer the most reliable and pocket- friendly packages to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is the most important parameter that defines our working efficiency. As we have been working for the past 30 years in the sector, our grade has always been very high. Satisfying our customers is our happiness goal. We work as per their desires and wants

We make use of the desired technology and technically expert staff that are aware of all the nuances of the work.

We have a professional team of highly skilled and trained experts who are working for more than 30 years. They are equipped with high knowledge and are competent enough to manage any of the servicing problems of the customers.

Our services are just one call away!  We propound expedite, reliable, and loyal services to our customers. We reach within no time to your doorsteps, no matter which part or area you reside in. 


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We are very gentle, empathetic, and helpful in our services. 


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