We at "T47 Cleaning Services” cover all sorts of cleaning services at the most reliable and affordable prices, providing services of Carpet Cleaning Thornbury with utmost efficiency and excellence. We also proffer the services of Carpet cleaning Thornbury and have been serving the customers in more than 30 cities and cater to discrete types of properties, residential & commercial, including offices, factories, or business fields or buildings, we cover it all! 


Taking care of each household is as important as taking care of your health. Cause the articles like curtains, couches, carpets, leather, and rugs not only add beauty and standard to your house but also extend your health and life. Keeping them clean is very crucial for your health because the environment we live in is occupied with dust particles and allergic pollen. These particles also carry some harmful bacterias and viruses. If inhaled on a frequent basis, can damage and deteriorate your health completely.


Whether it’s your leather or the rugs, all are prone to trapping most of the dust and dirt in the house. When you have armchairs, couches, and rugs made of leather, keeping them clean is essential.  Over time when the leather turns fade or captures a thick layer of dirt, it gets impossible to remove it by using the common anti-dirt liquids and sprays. Thus, keeping a clean home environment and getting professional clean-up is very important, with keeping all the articles of the house properly sanitized and cleaned all the time. 



Getting professional cleaning is the only best option to keep the furniture and articles of your house neat and clean.

Professional cleaning restores the real colour of your leather couch and your armchairs. It helps to supplement shine to them and provide them with the same appearance, just like the first day of purchase. It renews their beauty and standard and keeps them the same and shiny.

The deep cleaning helps to remove all the dirt particles and allergens out of the leather couches, keeping your house disease-free. All the unpleasant odours are put an end to by the use of cleaning treatments. 


Professional cleaning is very essential as it is much different from the daily-simple cleaning, it involves the use of specialized technologies to deliver the best and required results. Get the best professional Couch and Carpet Cleaning Thornbury, along with other cleaning services!




Leather couch and armchairs lost their shine over time due to the continuous usage and it turns really problematic to weed out the stains and dirt off the couches and carpets.  

All such things are really clumsy to handle and coordinate without any support or help. So, don’t worry and don’t waste your time thinking about cleaning your house articles, what you need to do is just sit back in your room comfortable and we will cover it all. We’ll handle all your responsibilities and you can be always carefree from your cleaning related problems. 


We render the eminent facilities and services to our customers using our premium technology and expert guidance. We have been catering to different needs of the customers for 30 years and working continuously to provide the best and most reliable services to our customers with honesty and trust.


We have diverse packages for our customers that we have designed systematically to fit one’s budget comfortably. We also provide air duct services at most economical prices


The services provided by us are the most reliable and basically affordable. Serving genuine and most prominent is our default trait.  Our services are highly professional and machines and technology used are updated and advanced offering the best results. 


We carry out different techniques and most unique methods to clean the couches or carpets in your home or office building. The functions performed by us include identification of the quality and condition of the wares in your property. Then we continue with basic vacuuming, to pull out the primary dirt layers off the couches and rugs. After this, we steam clean and perform stain removal work, followed by spray conditioning and sanitization. All such tasks collectively, nourishes and protects the quality of the material and upkeeps the look and appearance of the furniture in your property. It brings back the shine and freshness to the articles.


All the services provided by us are upgraded and we work out the 100% effective results for our customers. High Standards and high work quality is our service rule. We render the most competent services ensuring guaranteed best results of our services.



We don’t take a sigh of relief until our work leaves a big smile on our customer’s face.


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