Baking soda normally kills smells. Sprinkle it generously on the moist territory or maybe an old pee stain, and work the powder tenderly into the filaments of any texture, carpet or rug. Let the saleratus sit for the nowadays for greatest scent retention, at that time vacuum it up to eliminate the smell totally.


We all know carpets are prized possessions and may make or break the image of your home or office if they're unlearned or have a nasty odour. It also goes without saying that unlearned carpets may also negatively affect your health and environment. Since they absorb dirt, allergens and other dust particles, they become a hub for germs and bacteria and might also produce to allergies. Carpets must be properly cleaned especially if you've got kids roaming or joking.

Cleaning carpets on your own are often a frightening task and hiring just any carpet cleaner can ruin their colour, fabric or texture. Carpets require to be maintained and groomed delightfully in order that they still make the place look beautiful. Show your carpets a bit more love and hire T47 Services for your Best Carpet Cleaning South Morang and acquire spectacular cleaning results.


Moreover, hiring knowledgeable carpet cleaning service not only get your carpets cleaned to form them leave a decent impression on whoever walks in your door, but it also removes bad odour from the carpets and improves the air quality. It also turns the environment more hygienic and adds life to the carpets to form them last as long as they'll. With more benefits for your own good, you must keep them clean, which is what we are here to assist you with.

We have been within the industry for over 38 years and haven't disappointed a customer. With a tremendous experienced team, we guarantee the best carpet cleaning South Morang. intercommunicate T47 Cleaning Services and that we will walk you thru our service’s standard and process.

T47’s Carpet Cleaning Process

A right cleaning process is crucial to urge the carpets properly clean and our experts are trained to try to to the most effective cleaning job. Our cleaning is finished with a step-by-step cleaning process.

  • Carpets are inspected to analyse which equipment and cleaning solutions to wash them with, reducing any chance or risk of cloth damage.
  • Vacuuming did first to not let dust and dirt to urge pushed deep within the Carpets.
  • Pre-Spraying the carpets to unwind the dirt and removes oils that hold the stains together. This makes the extraction process easier and smoother.
  • Agitation is finished to interrupt down the tough soils that hold onto the carpet’s fabrics. This ends up in less dirt and chemical residue.
  • Hot-water Extraction is performed which incorporates rinsing and suction of chemical residues.
  • The comes to Stain Treatment which removes stubborn stains that get left behind after the final cleaning process.
  • Carpets are Speed Dried to stop any mould growth. This absorbs all the moisture that's still present within the carpets and reduces drying time.
  • At last, Carpets are groomed to create them seem like new and softer. Carpet’s fibres are reset to the initial settings.


Natural cleaning solutions and fight-stains protection!

Carpets are usually manufactured and are available with stain-resistant protection but over the amount, that protection wears down and change state. Carpets undergo lots of action, with heavy footfall and spilled food or drinks and every one the opposite sorts of stains, it's impossible to stay their original state intact. But our experts can solve that problem!

Our cleaning solutions ensure to induce obviate every little stubborn stain and prevents the carpets from losing its original colour. Every cleaning solution utilized by us is environment friendly and scientifically approved. After finishing the cleaning process, we apply stain-resistant protection which forms a barrier around the fibres and allows you to wash spills before they get absorbed within and make a stain. Rejuvenate the lifetime of your carpets with our stain-resistant protection layer and keep them well-to-do for an extended period.


Why choose T47 Services for Carpet Cleaning?

We are a well-established name within the carpet cleaning industry and pride ourselves for providing best cleaning services in Australia, with a team of trained and highly motivated experts who aim at giving spotless results and leaving clients fully satisfied.

  • We expertise in getting obviate stubborn stains. Hence, guarantee removal of any quite stain or mould. Whether it's Urine Stain, wine stain, bloodstain, food or coffee stain. allow us to make your rugs look all-around great.
  • Our priorities are set, which is our customers. We value them and keep their needs and requirements first. With reliable and trustworthy service, we build long-lasting connections.
  • T47 provides best carpet cleaning deals for both residential and commercial cleaning services in Melbourne.
  • The best you'll get, our cleaning services are extremely affordable, with various attractive deals.
  • We use latest and advanced technology, quality equipment in keeping with the carpet’s standard and condition. We ensure no harm are going to be done to the carpet’s material.

We’re here you sort your cleaning problems, 24*7, throughout the week. Call our customer service at any preferred time to book a meeting and avail our carpet cleaning services.

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