Looking for the best carpet cleaning in Rowville? Tired of spending your money on poor carpet cleaning services around the city? We’ve got you. Now, your carpet cleaning won’t be a hassle for you anymore. T47 Services has got the best carpet cleaning Rowville with the best cleaning professionals. Our professional and certified cleaners get the job done with minimal hassle and are known to provide same day carpet cleaning services. With this, don’t be mistaken that we are in a hurry to complete our work. No, actually we don’t take your whole weekend for the job unnecessarily and complete it in the time it should be completed and don’t charge you for the whole day.

We don’t see clients as a money-making machine. Instead, we try to do our job which charges you minimally but at the best quality. Our smooth relationship with our clients is the reason that our cleaning services firm is in the market for more than 38 years and has been considered the best. Whether it’s a light job which would take just minutes to do or a heavy job which can take a whole day, we give equal importance to both and not ignore it. We take each job seriously and always try to give satisfactory results to our clients.

We’ve gathered year-long experience to date and use that to provide you with the best results guaranteed. We promise you the best carpet cleaning services with no stress, and by this, we mean our words. We are also acting in the field of commercial carpet cleaning services and pay equal attention to your office carpets, as we know it is more than just a few stains on your carpet but your impression on your clients. Commercial carpet cleaning is rather not just to make an impression on your clients but also for maintaining a healthy and hygienic atmosphere for your employees also. In fact, an employee should be proud of the firm he/she is working with. Taking in notice all these reasons, we pay equal attention to commercial carpet cleaning at T47 Services.


There are a few reasons why hiring carpet cleaning services sometimes become stressful for clients:

1. They charge you unnecessarily

Few cleaning services providing companies charge you extra and redundantly sometimes. Sometimes they charge you separately for each staircase or for each spot removing. Beware of these hidden costs. Most of the time clients have not been informed about these separate costs.

2. They just aim to complete their job no matter what

There are few cleaning professionals who just come in with the aim to complete their job in a given time without taking care of the carpet fabric. Sometimes a carpet needs to be repaired before it gets cleaned, which is a duty of a cleaning professional to make the client aware of this. This carelessness destroys the fabric sometimes while cleaning of the damaged fabric.

3. DIY cleaning

Some home improvement stores offer carpet cleaning units on rentals at lower prices. But these equipment are poorer than the commercial-grade steam cleaners and truck-mounted units. Also, they have bad suction power and poor application leave carpets damp and do bad rather than good.

4. Carpets are not 100% stains free

Few best carpet cleaning Rowville firms doesn’t use good quality cleaning solvents which are not able to remove stains completely. They can just blur the stains for a short period but they are still visible after all the cleaning is done, which leaves you satisfied even after spending bucks on it. 

At T47 Cleaning Services, we take special care of all the things listed above. First of all, we always test the fabric of the carpets before treating them. If any repair is required, we inform the clients to get the carpets repaired first so that no harm should occur due to abrasion while cleaning.

Also, T47 Services is always clear about their rates and prices. Neither we have hidden prices nor we charge unnecessarily to our clients. We always charge in packages and don’t charge differently. Stains and spots cleaning is included in packages and you don’t have to pay for them separately.

The cleaning solvents we use are high quality and act harshly on stains and gentle on the carpet fabric. There are some stains that require special treatment like oil and grease, they are treated with special techniques, which remove them from the root, leaving no traces.

Our special high-quality steam cleaners are special equipment which is capable of cleaning your carpets 100% from inside and out. We leave your house with clean and dry carpets which are completely stain-free and germs-free.


We are into the field for so long and now established our name into it through our outstanding service deliveries in Melbourne. We have 100% genuine prices, which are completely pocket-friendly. To avail of our services you can call us on our no., we promise to never break your trust and be available at your door within minutes.


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