When we lay carpets in our house, we always choose the best. Regardless of expensive or cheap. We always want to maintain our carpets to the best and this can only be achieved with the help of a professional cleaner. Unclean and spoiled carpets can destroy the look for your home and will also bring health hazards and problems. However, there is no need to worry about, We can help you in that.

The cleaners at T47 carpet cleaning have experts in the field of carpet, lounge, couch, upholstery in Melbourne. We do clean Linen, Leather, Microsuede, Tapestry lounges in all one swift motion. 

Best carpet cleaners in Melbourne

We have pride in our service. We have trained people with up to date machinery and every needed equipment to provide the best service which is according to standards. Also, we are the services providers on whom you can rely upon and receive the best carpet cleaning Ivanhoe services.


Carpet cleaning and repair

We use a high-pressure steam cleaning which is a more deep cleaning, also named as Hot-water extraction method, which is highly recommended for the cloth material, Microsuede couches. This method will help to remove mould, stain and will also resolve the smell/odour problem. It is also used in deep cleaning of rugs, to give them a new fresh look. We can also do repairs for the carpets like an iron burn, cat or dog pulls.


Other Cleaning Services

Expert upholstery cleaners will remove the stains and damp smell from it by doing the deep cleaning required for the couch and will give a fresh new look. It is the best method to do the deep cleaning.

Cleaning a rug is also important, as it becomes grubby and full of bacteria with time and usage and if not cleaned for a long time. So it is required to keep it cleaned from time to time. We are specialised people who will help cleaning your rugs, carpets and upholstery.

Tile cleaning and maintenance of grout can be of a real struggle if you are not an expert. So We are here to help you with a professional cleaning so that you do not take the pain and hustle to clean it on your own. Our expert people will help getting rid of grubby marks and stains from tiles and will make it as new as it can be. 

We also excel in getting rid of dust mites, unwanted pet hair, bed bugs which can be really pained to you and your skin. You can have skin issues if you don't get your mattress cleaned on a regular basis. To avoid skin concerns, Call us, mattress cleaning experts to help you out. 


Another major issue that you face is water damage or flooded carpets. When a carpet got water or flood damage and not dried on time, the formation of mould on rug and carpet will start. It can also give rise to bad and damp smell in carpets. To resolve this issue, We have a qualified team of technicians who will come to your property and will make carpets dry after extracting the water and will get rid of mold and smell.


Other services that we provide include carpet restoration, wet carpet damage, flood damage restoration, upholstery cleaning, Lounge cleaning, couch cleaning, Microsuede couch cleaning, repairing of carpets, sewage water damage, rug cleaning, mould removal, anti-mould treatment, odour elimination, floor drying, water extraction.


Benefits of getting the cleaning done from T47:

We are available 24/7, give us a call anytime to have any kind of cleaning service done. Our cleaning experts team can do the cleaning for your residential or commercial property.

Services are available within an hour after giving us a call. 

Advantages of hiring us:

  • Quality: Maintaining quality is our prime motto. We use industrial-grade products to maintain the quality of carpets, rugs, couches. We use best quality products depending on the type of material. 
  • Trained people: We have a team of experts, highly trained people will do the best of the services to maintain quality.
  • Cleaning tools: Carpet cleaning tools used by us are up to date, and industrial grade high tech equipment to do the best cleaning.
  • Inexpensive Services: We have a wide range of services which are not expensive, these are pocket friendly and cheap and best which are easily affordable by anyone. We will make the best use of money and will provide you with quality. We do believe in quality.

Looking for best carpet cleaning in Melbourne, Feel free to call us without hesitation. Get in touch with T47 carpet cleaning Melbourne team today.

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