Carpets are the most common and yet an expensive investment that people add to the rooms. After all, who doesn’t like their home or office to look perfectly aesthetic and pleasing to whoever enters the door? However, to maintain the carpets’ beauty and appeal, they need to be maintained and cleaned properly from time to time.

You invite people over to your house for celebrations or work in an office where a lot of people work. All these people walking over and the heavy footfall on the carpets means bringing in all the dust and dirt on the carpet. The more the people, the dirtier the carpets get. Not just that, with a normal foot or shoe soil, there are also stains through food or drinks that get spilled over. These stains need to be removed before they get settled onto the fabrics and are hard to clean later.

You might think of a DIY Solution of cleaning the carpets which might help for a shorter run but it is better not to risk the quality of the carpets and hire a quality carpet cleaning Hawthorn to do the job!

Need for Quality Carpet cleaning!

You may vacuum your carpets on a regular basis but is that enough to keep them fully clean? The answer is NO! Vacuuming the carpet may remove the dirt from the surface but it does not extract the dirt and grime that gets collected on the carpet pile. You need professional carpet cleaners to deep clean the carpets.

Unclean carpets not only make the whole room look dirty but also affects your environment and the air that you breathe. The dirt and allergens get accumulated within the carpets which give rise to germs and bacteria as well as bad odor. Quality carpet cleaning Hawthorn will improve the overall appearance of the carpet and make the room look more pleasing to the eyes. It will also remove all the bad odor which affects the productivity of people living/working in that unclean space.

Once you get the professional to take care of the carpet problems, with all the dirt and dust removal, normal wear and tear also get fixed. This means, the carpets not only look new and fresh but also have the capability to last for a longer duration and you do not have to spend your money on new ones over and over.

Steam cleaning vs. Dry-cleaning

Steam and Dry-cleaning are the two main and majorly used carpet cleaning methods.
In the Steam cleaning process, the carpets are pre-vacuumed to remove the dust from the surface. After that, the carpets are sprayed to break-down the dirt particles and then the allergens and soils are extracted from inside the carpets which normal vacuuming fails to remove. A method of hot-water soil extraction is used in which extremely hot water is pumped through a powerful hose system to flush out all the dirt and grime.

Wherein the Dry-Cleaning process includes pre-vacuuming the carpets and then using a special water-based cleaning solution and solvent to dissolve all the dirt trapping oils from the fabrics and remove the stains. After that, the dirt is swept away by using cotton absorbent pads soaked with high-pressure water by rotating them across the carpets.

Why consider T47 Services for Carpet Cleaning in Hawthorn?

Carpets are expensive and you wouldn’t want to hire just any cleaning service which may you’re your carpets. You need a trusted, reliable, and quality carpet cleaning North Hawthorn to take full care of them, which is exactly what we’re here to provide. T47 Cleaning Services had been in the cleaning industry for over 38 years now and has built a brand name through proven results and utmost service satisfaction.

Our team of fully licensed and trained professional cleaners does not just aim to provide spotless results but also believes in building good relations with our customers, through the work.

With the best cleaning techniques, advanced and latest equipment, best quality eco-friendly and harmless cleaning solutions, plus years of experience, we guarantee A-One cleaning results.

Our Cleaning Process

  • Our team inspects the carpets before starting the process to analyze which equipment and cleaning solutions to use, which reduces the chances of carpet damage.

  • Thorough vacuuming is done to not let dust and dirt to be pushed down and settle inside the carpets, during the cleaning process.

  • To make the extraction process smoother, Carpet is Pre-Sprayed to loosen up the dirt particles and remove oils that binds the stains together.

  • Agitation is done to break down the tough soils, clinging to the carpet fabrics. This reduces dirt and chemical residue.

  • The hot-water extraction method is used which involves rinsing and suction of dirt and chemical residues.

  • Stain Treatment removes the stubborn stains which get left behind after the cleaning process.

  • The speed Drying process is done to prevent any mould growth. Drying time decreased by absorbing all the moisture that is still present inside the carpets.

  • The fibres of the carpets are carefully groomed and reset to the original, turning them into new-like and soft.

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