Be cognizant of the common mistakes that you might make every time you clean your tiles & grouts. Tiles are most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, and if someone loves, they have them in their living areas too as they add a good appearance, and standard to the rooms or premises. They are available in wide varieties, different in shape, size, design, width, and length. These don’t require any techniques to bulge the shine as these inherit a natural shine in them.


As much as attention you give to Carpet Cleaning  Ferntree Gully or couch cleaning, tiles to require similar attention and cleaning facilities. If you don’t clean them or maintain them properly, over time, they tend to lose their shine and develop dullness, stains, mold over it and it starts to corrode.

Be aware of 5 common mistakes while cleaning the home tiles & grouts   

Make sure you use the right cleaning material and techniques to clean the tiles. It will bring a new look and condition. But most people fail to use the right cleaning methods and incur some common mistakes being disguised by varied myths. 

These mistakes are disclosed below:

Applying toxic cleaning products:

Make sure you don’t use any harsh chemicals on the tiles. Each chemical doesn’t hold the capacity to clean the tiles properly, rather they end-up with discolouration or damaging its shine and color. The use of harmful agents can also devastate the flooring. Thus, it’s always recommended to use the right cleaning products suggested by the manufacturer.

Not Wiping the stains instantly:

Stains are very obstinate. If you don’t treat them on time, they may stick forever on your beautiful tiled walls and floors. Tomato, juice, blood, and oil stains are very harsh on tiles, they instantly get stuck and until you clean them, it’s already so late, they have already made a permanent place. Make sure you treat the stubborn stains instantly. Wipe them as fast as possible.

Vacuuming the tiles!

It’ll be super good if you avoid using the vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the tile. No matter how dedicatedly you clean and how much time you invest to clean the tiles, using a vacuum, in the end, will bring no results. The metal bar in the vacuum can scrub the surface of the tile, destroying its shine and look.

Don’t scrub your tiles:

You should never scrub your tiles hard to clean them. Use a soft cloth or a soft brush or sponge to clean it smoothly. The more harshly you scrub it, the quicker it is to lose its shine and appearance. It’s a big myth, that says scrubbing the tiles hard brings it out clean and beautiful. Never follow this.

Leaving your tiles wet

All your cleaning efforts may go vain if you don’t wipe the tiles dry using a cotton cloth. Over-wetting may lead to moulds formations and may make the tiles more slippery and unhygienic to use. 

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