Wrinkles, Mould formations, Water damage - all such are a great nuisance! Isn't it? Get the solution here!

We know that you might face so many issues with your carpets, sofas, ducts, etc and cleaning them is something not in the palm of your hand. And the problems of water damage to the carpets, staining, pests infestations, and water drying are cumbersome. Dealing on your own with such problems requires energy, use of the right products and most importantly pulling time out from the busy schedule. You may be busy all day with your work, or not able to visit your property frequently or maybe you are occupied with your loving new-born baby and not getting the time for cleaning the common problems of your house. This is the right time when you need a hand to “hold and help” you in your difficult times, to heal your worries, and lessen your responsibilities!

What you need is professional help! And yes, don’t worry, it won’t eat up your whole pocket, rather professional services are a must-have and basically very affordable and adjustable as per one’s budget and needs.

We at T47 Cleaning Services provide highly efficient, most loyal, and excellent services to our customers that also include Carpet Cleaning Carlton and all other domestic and commercial cleaning services at most genuine rates. We are empathetic and understand our customers, analyze their needs and budget and then get, set, go on to provide our services with the highest motivation and with the use of the greatest and most effective technologies.

We have been working for the past 30 years in the industry and we have gained immense experience in Carpet Cleaning Carlton and other different tasks and challenges faced by our customers. 

We provide diverse services to our customers, which range from mattress cleaning, Sofa Cleaning Melbourne, upholstery cleaning, tiles & grout cleaning, to carpet cleaning, and much more.

Repair or Replace Your Upholstery or Carpets? 

Usually, people get confused between replacing or repairing their carpets or upholstery. Some keep a habit of replacing them as soon as possible and some others just keep guessing the costs of replacing and repairing their wares, they do make calculations and even perform constructive statistics to compare which option is the most suitable to them. And in the end, they are left with no solution and remain bewildered with numerous questions and doubts in their mind. 

If you also have such worries and you are holding a confused mindset, then let us make it very clear in simple terms to you that getting your upholstery or the complete carpets replaced is a princely choice, you will have to bear huge purchasing cost again which is not a good option. The things that can be just repaired need no replacement. Rather repair is a much better option. Remove from your mind that it is a costly choice.No! It is really an affordable decision to be made. 

It’s much cheaper to get your carpets repaired rather than purchasing a new one! We know that there are varied severe problems like mould formation, carpets, and upholstery damaged due to flood, and stains problems. But don’t worry getting such things repaired is an affordable affair. 

We provide repair services at immensely economic prices. It is a quick and easy affair.  We provide repairs of your upholstery and carpets to the issues like:

  • Gnawed by pests like rats.
  • Scratched by your Pets.
  • Torn or cut, etc.

Restoration is cheaper and easier!

Convenient and Affordable always!

Honesty and loyalty are our benchmarks.

We work with utmost efficiency and dedication. We have been providing our services for more than 30 years and we continue to do the same until our last breath because we work not for ourselves but for our customers, we worry about their problems and whenever they hold our hands we always ensure to take their problems on our shoulders.

We work 24*7 of the week, 365 days of the year, and commit to complete our duty within 24 hours of the day. All the staff members are highly professional and knowledgeable of the nuances of our work.

Don’t forget to save our services with you.

Our services are qualitative and genuine. We prefer all the needs of our customers within their budget capacity.


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