T47 Services has been pro in delivering their services. We have always been #1 in serving our clients, whether that’s during emergencies or regular services. We have been placed first for the same day carpet cleaning Brighton. We don’t believe in wasting your weekends and disturbing you unnecessarily. We come, complete our job according to your requirements and needs and leave your house completing our job with a smile of satisfaction on your faces.

Our service of same day carpet cleaning doesn’t mean we are in a hurry to do as promised, but actually, more than 38 years of experience has taught us almost everything about carpet cleaning service and made us experts in the field. Our experience in cleaning services has expanded our knowledge to this extent that now we’ve come to a stage when we start our cleaning process just by looking at the fabric.

These years of professionalism have made us specialists in carpet cleaning services, which let us deliver the best services to our clients. We use different techniques of carpet cleaning Brighton for any kind of requirements and take care of every carpet’s needs. The different techniques we follow to provide you with the best carpet cleaning Brighton are according to your requirements and what suits them best for the stains on your carpets, they are:


  1. Dry Powder Cleaning: It is a technique mostly used for commercial purposes. In this technique, a soft, natural product is mixed with a small amount of water and some solvent that is safe for the carpet fabric. The mixture is then sprinkled onto the fabric, which creates lumps, these lumps act as micro-sponges and absorb dust from the carpet surface. Later, these lumps are vacuum through an advanced vacuum cleaner which leaves the carpet surface super clean and stains free. Carpet dry powder cleaning technique does not clean the carpets deeply, which is why it is mostly used for commercial purposes.
  1. Encapsulation Cleaning: In this technique, not only stains but the dirt is also extracted deeply from the carpets. In this procedure, the floor covering is first vacuumed before an epitomizing substance is applied. A short time later, the rug is put in a rotatory disturbance machine in which the epitomizing compound isolates the soil from the floor covering. Afterward, this soil is vacuumed through super vacuums. The process is repeated for up to a week leaving the carpet super cleaned inside and out.
  1. Bonnet Cleaning: This technique is very similar to encapsulation cleaning, except that a self-neutralizing agent is used instead of that encapsulation chemical and also known as ‘dry cleaning’. Also, dissimilar to the Encapsulation cleaning, in this technique the dirt is not vacuumed from the carpet rather it goes through the agitation machine. This technique involves pad-drying which allows the absorption of dirt.
  2. Warm/Hot water Extraction: In this technique, carpets are cleaned in waters with temperatures of only up to 100 degrees Celsius. It is also called carpet steam cleaning, though this technique is secondary to the actual Steam Cleaning technique in terms of the cleaning it does.
  3. Professional Steam Cleaning: Professional steam cleaning technique involves cleaning of carpets in water with a temperature above 100 degrees celsius, with superior machines that allow water to reach 150 degrees celsius. This technique has 500% more cleaning power than any other carpet cleaning procedure.

Our professional cleaners at T47 Services in Melbourne, use the best solvents and best machinery to provide you with the most precise cleaning service. Our cleaning professionals go to every extent to provide you with the best carpet services in Brighton. Our emergency facilities for services like flood storage restoration are 24*7 available to you. We do our best to take you out of the trouble, we also take care that no harm is done to your furnishings.

 It's been more than 38 years to our professional cleaning services in Brighton and we have created the record of delivering every service with complete satisfaction and excellence. Our secret for being the best is that we take every client and every service seriously, be it a big assignment or a small one. We neither take our work for granted nor postpone it, and most importantly we pay special attention to any dissatisfaction created by if any. This makes our services stand out amongst everyone else.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services are also taken care of equally. We always take care that your offices look the best and have the most hygienic environment. We understand that it’s important for you to make an impression on your clients, and of course, that is impossible with a dirty and stained carpet. A dirty carpet draws everyone’s attention, which can do nothing but harm the look and impression of your estate. So, when our cleaning professionals provide commercial carpet cleaning services, they take special care of every stain, along with taking care that the fabric is not harmed.

The best carpet cleaning services in Brighton are pretty affordable and pocket friendly, but we do not compromise with our services, instead, we use the latest technologies and best solvents for your carpets. You can avail of our services by calling us any time of the day. We work 12 months irrespective of public holidays and will be at your doorsteps within minutes of calling us.

We're here you sort all your cleaning issues, 24*7, consistently. Hope to meet you soon!
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