Carpets and rugs are consistently used in our daily lives, we approach doing our daily work and activities at home. Therefore, upkeep and adjustment of the floor coverings are really fundamental which only a few people can realize. 

To ensure that your floor coverings are always beautiful and protected from dirt and dust, we have provided certain mistakes that you might usually make and these will help you to avoid them to get the best cleaning results.

Here, is a description of a few mistakes that are not letting you keep your carpets &rugs clean always and efficiently. Also, use our Carpet Cleaning Bayswater services under the experts’ guidance.

Leaving the Stains Really Long Time

If you don’t have a habit of cleaning the stains of blood, oils, juices, instantly then you may not be able to achieve a perfect cleaning outlook of your carpet and rugs. The spills will sink deep down inside the carpet and will evaporate causing an adamant stain on it. Make sure you don’t act sluggish and clean the stains as soon as possible immediately as they occur.

Using random carpet & rugs cleaning agents 

Be aware that different cleaning agents come up with different chemical combinations and specifications. Don’t use the same chemical on all the different kinds of rugs in your house. Because rugs are of different quality, fabric, design, etc, and a single chemical can’t fulfill the needs of the different fabric and quality types. The best way to test any chemical is to spot test a little area of your carpet to ensure there is no harm to the fabric.

Scouring the carpet & rugs- not effective always 

If you have any blotch on the carpet or rug, never make a mistake to rub it harshly and hard. Avoid this completely! Rather use a soft carpet cleaning solution, pour it directly on the patch, and the spill will easily liquefy and mix with the solution leaving its hold off the carpet.

Splashing  your carpet too much

It’s certainly beneficial to clean your carpets with water but too much of it can also ruin its quality. If you get satisfaction with water cleaning, then go ahead with this option but make it a schedule to clean your rugs with water once or twice a week

Honesty is our accustomed quality!

You can always keep your rugs and carpets in the same condition as you initially got them. Just remember, avoid all these mistakes stated above and if you follow it genuinely, you can avoid much of the mess.  You can always keep your carpets clean at home using the right and best cleaning methods and solutions available in the market.


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Leverage our services!

Our repair and cleaning team can take care of everything from a little wear and tear along the side to reweaving holes to new fringes unfurling. Shield your investment with our professional cleaning and restorative services. The activities we perform are: 

  • Rug Cleaning

We dust clean your rugs meticulously from front and back. Then we use safe and solvent cleaning solutions with freshwater and finally we air dry them using no harsh heating.

  • Moth Treatment

Wool is the most lovable dish of moth larva. They can be easily found in the unused rooms or in low traffic enjoying your rugs may be underneath furniture. You can protect your rug against moths and stop damage by using our best and most efficient Carpet Cleaning South Morang services.

  • Pick Up & Delivery 

We provide rug cleaning services on a weekly basis to all the suburbs in Melbourne. We pick up your carpets & rugs, clean it, and return in all within 5-7 days.

Make sure whenever you are in trouble related to any cleaning services, remember us and we will be at your doorsteps in no time. We are available at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. Leverage the benefits of our cleaning services at a convenient time!



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