The basic goal of t47 Cleaning Services is to provide performance-oriented indoor air quality risk management services, founded 10 years ago. For more than a decade since its inception, the company has been providing quality services to its customers. Since its inception, our organization has provided a wide range of cleaning solutions. These solutions have established benchmarks in the market and are rapidly gaining national recognition.

At T47 Cleaning Services, our staff is passionate, capable and experienced to provide you with an improved indoor air quality system. We have a proactive team that provides indoor air quality management services tailored to your individual needs. Get innovative technology that combines advanced cleaning solutions with Air Cleaning Services.

Our plumbing services are not limited to cleaning air conditioning ducts. At T47 Cleaning Services, our specialists are responsible for the cleanliness of kitchen exhaust pipes, indoor air quality testing, laundry tube cleaning, thermal imaging scanning, tank cleaning and other cleaning solutions. T47 Cleaning Services offers highly professional, reliable and cost-effective cleaning solutions to meet your needs.

Since its inception in 2005, T47 Cleaning Services has met the requirements of its customers. During the active service of the organization, we established market integrity with more favorable prices, quality and efficient services. As a clean air management company, we have reached a new scale and established multiple service branches in Pan-India.

Throughout the decade of operation, T47 Cleaning Services has established partnerships with established customers. Among these customers, we serve individuals and companies of all sizes to provide quality pipeline cleaning services nationwide and this makes us the best duct cleaning services providers in Melbourne, Sydney


 Air management service

 Studies have shown that indoor air pollution can be as much as ten times that of outdoor air. In a conditional space, due to the limited passage of air and the lack of ventilation of fresh air, there is a high concentration of pollutants, bacteria, fungi, dust and the like.

In the past 15 years, our understanding of public health risks caused by poor air quality has greatly improved, and our recent initiatives in the field of air management have also improved.

Poor air quality can lead to higher incidences of health-related problems, which in turn can lead to increased absenteeism and reduced work efficiency.

At T47 Cleaning Service, we offer a range of services, starting with an indoor air quality audit (certified by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA-USA)), which records trends in IAQ parameters and serves the National Air Cleaners Association. (NADCA-USA) certified duct cleaning, analysis of the conditioned space, and finally recommended the required solution.

We also have a range of products that can maintain high indoor air quality. These are the following:

UVC transmitter:

Used in UTA and indoor units. The X-mount UVC transmitter is installed by penetrating the pipe wall by 1 inch and passing light through the pipe. The UVC energy will be cooked from the mold and the accumulation of organic matter will be eliminated.



The emitter kills or inactivates disease-causing microorganisms that are transmitted by the surface and air and eliminates the associated odor. It continuously cleans coils, drains pans, chambers, and pipes, reducing expensive cleaning procedures. It reduces HVAC energy costs by improving heat transfer and increasing net cooling and improving overall IAQ, thereby increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism.

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