Sofas and couches are the main attraction of the house and they should be cleaned and stain proof always. The same day couch cleaning Melbourne is the best in fabric and leather couch cleaning. Allergen protection & stain removal. The company has spent its lot of time serving clients about couch cleaning problems. The professionals and experts of the company, deliver an array of sofa cleaning services at affordable prices anywhere in the Melbourne area.

Predominantly, our team of trained and experienced members offers sofa-cleaning services in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Therefore, if you are still looking for a couch cleaning service, hire the same day couch cleaning Melbourne team once that is one of the most trusted and reliable couch cleaners in Melbourne and add new life to your furnishings. You will be amazed by our working skills and techniques.

Categories of Couch Cleaning Services

There are distinctive couch cleaning services offer by the same day couch cleaning Melbourne Company that retain the original looks and situation of your couch or sofa. Below are mentioned some of them in detailed;

Steam Cleaning

Notably, the Steam cleaning process is also known as the hot water extraction method. Undoubtedly, it is the most effective and promising cleaning method for fabric couches. In order to remove every stain from the couch after thoroughly vacuuming the sofa, our experts use pre-heat treatment for it. This will then progress with steam cleaning or hot water extraction. It evacuates all filth, contaminants, allergens, etc. from the couch completely. Since this process uses water to clean the couch, it usually takes 4 to 8 hours to dry before safe use. We suggest our clients’ couch steam cleaning for deep cleaning upholstery.

Dry Cleaning

This process works with the encapsulation technique to remove every dirt or filth. Since the process, takes lesser time than any other cleaning method so this is best for those who want to clean their couches in lesser possible drying time. In case, cleaners working over the delicate fabric, this technique will be helpful with them. After vacuuming the couch, a solvent-based chemical is applied and agitated using a rotary machine to encapsulate dirt and soil particles.

Fabric Fortification

Although fabric fortification is not necessary, sometimes recommend after the cleaning process as an optional choice. During this process, Teflon based protector shield is applied to your upholstery that acts as a protective layer between the fabric and all spills or stains. Indeed, you can protect your couch from any misshaping or damage to your expensive couch while providing you extra time.

Leather Cleaning

This cleaning process is applicable only for a leather couch or sofa. While proceeding to the leather cleaning, you need to use a special leather cleaning solution for them. The professionals will spread the chemical solution directly on to the couch or a clean microfiber cloth, beforehand smoothly agitating and buffing. After doing all processes, the cleaners will apply a leather conditioner on your leather sofa and buff to give it shine and protection.

Assorted Couch Forms That We Uncontaminated

We have mentioned the most common couch types that we clean regularly;

  1. Leather Sofa Cleaning
  2. Fabric Lounge Cleaning
  3. Rugs Cleaning
  4. Premium Quality Couch Cleaning
  5. Mattress Cleaning


The couch cleaning Melbourne is a renowned and reputed organization in the cleaning industry in entire Melbourne. Our techniques and ideas implementation to clean the couches are different and contemporary from our contenders. So, that is why we have survived for the last couple of decades. For our lovable customers, we are just one call away. Do not hesitate, we are always here for you to solve your cleaning problems.


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